Sad Dreams

I saw a room, far in the distance, and like anybody, started walking cautiously towards it, confused as to what and where it came from. I opened the door into a bright heaven like room…

In the room, I saw a beautiful woman laying in bed… she opened her ocean blue eyes with a flash of relief, yet dash of sadness. “I think I know this woman” I thought to myself trying to process why I felt so much pain in my heart from just one glance at her. I finally built up enough strength to say something.

“Hey..” I said all while getting down on my knees to be at face level with this mysterious woman.

“Hey..” she whispers.. “why do you look as bad as I do”?

I chuckled, flashing a big white smile that could blind millions; yet in a matter of seconds I could feel sadness take over my facial expression.

“You’re not the only one who has been suffering.”

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