Tree of Life

As a tree

Your roots hold you up and help you live a strong and healthy life,

If you thrive, they are happy,

Yet if your roots are surrounded by toxicity, branches of happiness may break,

falling into a pit of sadness,

Leading you into seasons of emotions,

and feelings of worthlessness

As a tree,

you may need to travel into the depths of your rooted sadness

To allow yourself to bear healthier fruits,

ridding your self of the rotting

You may seek change, but wont allow yourself to plunge towards it

and if that is so, then listen here

As a tree, You may not know how, or why your roots are unraveling into sorrow

Just know, you will heal with time

With hope and faith in cured weather

How you choose to blossom from that disparity is up to you,

You can choose to be living, fulfilled, and plentiful Or dying, broken, and finding your thoughts in decay

As a tree,

You can choose to dedicate your time to be a better you

Dedicating your years to providing life to others And if you are still feeling hollow inside,

Fear not, for your life is indeed truly meaningful, And you will soon find your light to strive

Never forget that you are not the only tree feeling leafless

and you will never be alone in the forest you call home

The roots of your pain will soon grow its way to happiness,

And your branches will soon be plentiful

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