The Pain Inside

Am I okay?

I can feel the stabbing pain growing deep inside of me

The bundle of memories of her bombarding my head with doubts of ever feeling love again

The fear of being alone suffocating me,

Pulling me away from happiness

Even when surrounded by people

No matter how loud I want to scream out, i don’t

Keeping my feelings submerged inside, unaware that one day they will consume my every move, my every thought

Not being able to suppress them

They will soon boil over, causing even more agony and affliction

Am I okay?

The higher I try to climb out of my pit of ever growing darkness

Only adds length to how long I could fall back down into it

Leaving me with only my tormenting thoughts, descending into the nothingness that I had once came from

Am I okay?

Will I lose the ever-growing battle going on inside my head

Cautiously hiding behind a fraud smile

Burying my feelings with the hope that nobody will be able to wound them again

I am not okay

But I can fight to be

We can all fight to be

All of us are broken in dissimilar ways

It is up to us to find our path to the passions we love

The people who are willing to piece us back together

Making us wise against what once broke us, and strong against those who will tear us back down

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