Dragon of Hope

Hope is a fierce dragon

Gliding through our souls with its powerful wings

A creature so majestic no eyes could detach from a sighting

Or deny it’s sacred presence

The divineness of the Scaly beast everlasting

Intertwined in the roots of our being

Revealing its beauty when we need it most

Breathing crisp blue fires of aspiration

The Inferno shielding us from fear and doubt

Claws of love wielded towards the demons within

Flying us forward when all else is lost

Past the cruel darkness and

unforgiving weakness that is trying to possess our existence

A dragon that is boundless

So beautiful, so divine

Sparking our eternal fires

The beast of hope watching as the blue flames glimmer in our eyes

Though our journeys are bound to end

Our flames will slowly fade, and

Ashes will rise

Being carried by the dragon of hope to what was once feared

A timeless journey into the depths of the unknown

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