Mother Nature

Her venomous green eyes intoxicating

Luring me in a timeless loop

Her touch revelating of the unknown

Opening my eyes to truths unsettling

Her gaze polluted by those she loves

Her creation expiring from trash undone

What is she to do

In an ignorant world filled with humans uncaring

Her potent emerald aura fading with every breath

A toxic world unworthy of her compassion

Her dominion failing with every death

Her grasp shows me these truths, yet what am I to do with this power, for a species undeserving

Her grasp loosens, but I refuse to let go

3 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. Mother Earth always supporting us by the ground we walk upon, the air we breathe, the water we drink….you so articulated the ways in which we fail her. I pray we humans can wise up and start treating our environment as the sacred place it is💗🌎🙏

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  2. Beautifully written, such an overwhelming subject. Perhaps if people worshipped the visible Mother instead if the invisible Father, the world might just stand a chance. I guess it’s just easier to blame an absent Dad, instead of ourselves.


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