Boat of Tranquility

I want this to be a reminder to you, young one

Do not let yourself drown in your emotions,

Just to be around the people you love.

It will drive you insane and rip away what little health and humanity any of us truly have.

Your very presence, your time, and your tranquility are all important aspects of who you are,

And who you will become

You should be protected at all costs

You need to surround yourself by the people who build you a boat of tranquility

And not allow those around who would rather see you drown in the sorrows and chaos you hold within.

You come first and I will continuously remind you of that,

And when I am not there to be that very reminder, then close your eyes dear friend, and let my voice radiate within and heal you at your most dire time of need.

Even when you feel as though you are not loved

Or if you feel like you will always come second and feel uncared for,

Then let my voice be that reminder,

You are a beautiful soul

You have worth, beauty, and purity within

Don’t let your bright aura give in to the darkness of others

Your worth is more than anything valuable in this world, and the galaxies surrounding

Do not for one second let anyone make you feel any less than who you are,

Be yourself and let nothing hold you back.

You are deserving of love and you will one day transcend into the peace you have always been searching ruthlessly for

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