Shallow Steps

The boy was close to falling asleep in his bed, until noises were heard in the basement near his room. He didn’t think anything of it as the boy tried to fall back asleep, thinking it was most likely just an animal; or anything other than what was truly awaiting him. As the boys eyes […]

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Sad Dreams

I saw a room, far in the distance, and like anybody, started walking cautiously towards it, confused as to what and where it came from. I opened the door into a bright heaven like room… In the room, I saw a beautiful woman laying in bed… she opened her ocean blue eyes with a flash […]

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Sleep Paralysis

The boy went to rest on his parents bed, fighting the urge to fall asleep, but his beautiful green eyes were weighing him down, struggling to keep open. He slipped into a fast sleep and suddenly felt the comfort of his big brown chair on the opposite side of the house. It felt so real […]

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