The Monster Inside

I woke up in a hurry, drenched in sweat, my clothes glued to my body. This happened every once in a while, but it hadn’t since my wife left me. I turned to my right to look at the clock, in disbelief that it showed only 4:00 A.M. I got up from my bed and […]

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The Last War

I was lying there sleepless for what was to come. Next to me my beautiful wife had just opened her eyes, locking them with mine. “Please don’t do this; please don’t leave us for that fool’s errand” She whispered in my ear. My eyes began to stray from hers, staring blankly at the ceiling. “You […]

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Shallow Steps

The boy was close to falling asleep in his bed, until noises were heard in the basement near his room. He didn’t think anything of it as the boy tried to fall back asleep, thinking it was most likely just an animal; or anything other than what was truly awaiting him. As the boys eyes […]

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