Sleep Paralysis

The boy went to rest on his parents bed, fighting the urge to fall asleep, but his beautiful green eyes were weighing him down, struggling to keep open.

He slipped into a fast sleep and suddenly felt the comfort of his big brown chair on the opposite side of the house. It felt so real to him that he had forgotten he even fell asleep on his parents bed.

The young boy got up from his chair and walked to the bathroom, feeling weird and murky, as his surroundings seemed more gloomy than usual.

“AHHGG” he shouted as he heard this loud buzzing all around him; his hands over his ears as he screamed bloody murder, yet nobody seemed to hear nor care.

The penetrating sound stopped right as he fell to the ground, yet right as his body hit the floor, he was no longer there, but in his big brown chair once more, sleeping like nothing had just happened.

He began hearing noises surrounding him, and then the buzzing began again. This time louder, with more pattern, almost like someone or something was trying to communicate. They got closer and closer. Close enough that the young boy could feel every breath of the abomination creating the sound. The room filled with the hard terrified beats of the boys heart, and his chair was covered in the sweat that amassed from his fear. The sound grew like a giant towards him, and he felt his foot begin to raise in the air…

The boy grew still, terrified to move, and scared to open his eyes to see what was happening all around him. He thought this could maybe be sleep paralysis, so he tried lifting his leg… he could.

Something began crawling up his body. He could feel pressure and pain like somebody was pressing down as hard as they could on his stomach..then his chest..whatever was happening..whatever was on now face to face, as the boy could feel it’s breath now penetrating his nostrils. Fear conquered him, as his eyes, still the heaviest burden of all, couldn’t seem to open.. Was it the sweat gluing them shut? Or was it the boy slowly losing his courage?

The boy started screaming, hands gripping his chair, so hard it started losing consciousness. He built up enough courage to open his eyes and so he did. He woke up, sweat streaming down his face, crashing into one another, all while his heart thumping loud enough to cause an aching feeling.

He looked around in a hurry only to find himself in his parents bed, and as he went to get up, confused as to how he wasn’t in his chair..the boy started to feel a sharp pain from his stomach..and then his chest..

The young boy lifted up his shirt to only find markings of some sort of claws. Yet they didnt seem to match any claws known in this world. Petrified, the boy threw his shirt over the markings in which created some sort of symbol, and ran out of his parents bedroom. Looking everywhere for somebody to embrace, the young boy was alone.

“SOMEBODY…ANYBODY, Please help me!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, falling to his knees, head down toward the ground.

After he had no more tears to weep, he lifted his head, looking the demon in his blood red eyes.

“You are not alone anymore young boy. As long as you have my marking, you will have me to protect you. I am no Demon, nor Angel, but a creature known in legends to protect those who are a victim of the sadness and peril that have consumed your reality.” The creature growled, grabbing the boys hands peacefully.

The boy pulled away cautiously, standing up to his feet. He slowly backed away from the creature.

“What if i do not want your protection? I am not sad, nor will I be! I am not yours to claim, nor can you keep me. I want my family, please LEAVE ME ALONE!” The boy shouted in confidence.

The creature looked down, as if it was saddened, yet understood that the boy had a right to choose. The monstrous figure looked back up, his eyes now blue, and his claws fading from his extremities.

“You may think that you are not sad now boy, but it is a disease incurable, and is growing in everyone’s soul, until set off by an event uncontrollable. You will see your family, as we are speaking in a realm where only you can see me, and no one else. You have the ability to come in and out of these realms at your choosing, as do i.” The creature said slowly creeping toward the child. “Yet I will be the one who fights by your side when everyone chooses to leave. I will be the one who fights off the sadness that is trying to take you over. I will be the one to sacrifice my being to protect you from those who will soon do you wrong.”

The boy seemed to finally understand. He embraced the legend, and as they hugged, they became one, and the boy had finally fully awoken, with the mark of happiness within.

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