This is Goodbye

Eyes that saw our pain glimmering with every move we make

Everywhere and nowhere, a spectacle for all to witness

The world turning their backs

So what if I turn mine?

Agony dancing through our veins

Destiny staring as our souls drift into the wind from a love that once was

Our fate slowly creeping further from a reality we once knew

Creating a glowing aura entangling itself within a future that can never be

Tears pouring into a lake of envy

Drowning in the waters of deceit with every breath getting smaller and smaller

Choking on the lies; realizing that this is where we need to part ways

What we once were, can be no longer

Trying to manifest a better outcome; an outcome with you by my side

An existence, a future, a fate with you and only you

Yet I find myself only existing in a pit of blatant emptiness

With visions of you fading into bleak memory

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