Broken Promises

Your Promises…

Your words whirled swiftly through my ears

Like the winds of comfort and peace rustling through branches of a tree

My doubts of our undying love blown away

As your soft touch relieved me from all of the pain and disparity I have ever felt, I truly thought you were my Queen


Our love felt unbreakable, invincible

Seeing no end in a world full of chaos and treachery

Yet the day i felt your touch, once warm and tranquil

Fall victim to the coldness of a hissing snake, I instantly fell into the shambles of our memories


Anguish and Peril piercing my flesh

Like a spear poisened with misery

Your truths were once like rain, filling a lake of serenity

Now turning into destructive waves of deceit and poison

Grasping at my feet and pulling me under, drowning me, robbing me of all life

I try gasping for air, but only agony fills my lungs

Promises I held onto now disintegrating into torment

Creating a quake within my aching heart

Corrupting my blood, pumping sorrow all throughout

Broken Promises…

You once said we were forever

Then left me like I meant nothing, garbage

The shadows of your icy eyes

Pushing me over the edge of an inescapable void

Pulling me further from reality, chaining me to the pits of melancholy

I look down at the chains, tears flooding down my cheek

The tears quickly turn to icicles as they slowly fade into nothingness

The chains were too strong, and there was no light

The tears and shackles of despair growing louder

The void then succumbed to silence as your arrows of broken promises penetrated my soul, darkening my aura

The clattering of chains echoed through the empty, cold void as my body fell

Your face was the last thing I saw, the last thing I saw

Then darkness overcame

Who will fix me? When will I be good enough?

Then silence.

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