The Monster Inside

I woke up in a hurry, drenched in sweat, my clothes glued to my body. This happened every once in a while, but it hadn’t since my wife left me. I turned to my right to look at the clock, in disbelief that it showed only 4:00 A.M. I got up from my bed and […]

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My existence will only remain In the memories we’ve created My existence fueled by pain In the torment surrounding our toxicity My presence reshaping into a thick dust Flowing through the winds of our truth Fading into a dream that will never allow us Desolation filling my veins, pumping into every crevice of my being […]

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This is Goodbye

Eyes that saw our pain glimmering with every move we make Everywhere and nowhere, a spectacle for all to witness The world turning their backs So what if I turn mine? Agony dancing through our veins Destiny staring as our souls drift into the wind from a love that once was Our fate slowly creeping […]

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Dream Girl

She is my moon and my stars And the universe surrounding Shining her graceful light on my path Her beauty divine; her succor astounding Every time I witness her angelic smile I know she is my destiny My heart pounding with every touch and desire A moment I’ve awaited, breathlessly I don’t want to live […]

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Dragon of Hope

Hope is a fierce dragon Gliding through our souls with its powerful wings A creature so majestic no eyes could detach from a sighting Or deny it’s sacred presence The divineness of the Scaly beast everlasting Intertwined in the roots of our being Revealing its beauty when we need it most Breathing crisp blue fires […]

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How do I know if you’re the one for me If all I do is second guess everything around me How do I know how to love If I have yet to figure out how to love myself Unrecognizing the internal suffering I’ve endured How can I help fix your shattered pieces If I can’t […]

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Waves Collide

As I sink my feet into the grainy sand I watch the ocean waves collide angrily Engulfing everything they touch All While the sun glistens off the enchanting blue water As my feet sink into the sand I hear the birds calling to each-other, soaring through the intoxicating sky Slowly fading into a glorious orange […]

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The Pain Inside

Am I okay? I can feel the stabbing pain growing deep inside of me The bundle of memories of her bombarding my head with doubts of ever feeling love again The fear of being alone suffocating me, Pulling me away from happiness Even when surrounded by people No matter how loud I want to scream […]

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The Last War

I was lying there sleepless for what was to come. Next to me my beautiful wife had just opened her eyes, locking them with mine. “Please don’t do this; please don’t leave us for that fool’s errand” She whispered in my ear. My eyes began to stray from hers, staring blankly at the ceiling. “You […]

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Tree of Life

As a tree Your roots hold you up and help you live a strong and healthy life, If you thrive, they are happy, Yet if your roots are surrounded by toxicity, branches of happiness may break, falling into a pit of sadness, Leading you into seasons of emotions, and feelings of worthlessness As a tree, […]

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